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Smart Glasses for Cycling Safety

We found these stylish smart glasses for cycling safety with protection. They are a revolutionary product that seamlessly blends style and functionality into one remarkable package. These aren't just your ordinary sunglasses; they're a cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.1 speaker system designed to enhance your active lifestyle.

Protect your vision with these sunglasses feature polarized lenses that excel at reducing glare and preventing eyestrain. With the added benefit of shielding your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays, the Avantree SG188 is the ideal choice for individuals who spend ample time driving, boating, or skiing, ensuring your eyes remain safeguarded throughout the day.

Equipped with dual-mic noise reduction technology, the SG188 frames excel at eliminating background noise during calls, guaranteeing that your voice comes through loud and clear, regardless of your location.

Thanks to its innovative open-ear design, the SG188 comfortably rests on your ears without obstructing them, allowing you to enjoy your music while remaining in tune with your environment. Whether you're listening to a podcast in a bustling downtown or taking a leisurely stroll, you'll stay aware of your surroundings without disturbing those around you.

Constructed from high-quality waterproof materials rated at IPX5, and ready to endure sweat, rain, or snow during your workouts and outdoor adventures.

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